Lew-lew is Cathy's big, fluffy, black cat. He is named affectionately after Captain Lewis Nixon, though they don't have much in common other than good looks. Lew-lew helps Cathy keep track of the various productions schedules of all the boys, and here we share upcoming film and television projects.
[Lew-lew passed away unexpectedly on April 10, 2009 at only 8 years of age. This page will remain in his name to honor his memory.]

Last First Char Rumors/In Talks Pre-production Filming Post-production In Theaters, On Air
Aaron Nicholas Popeye
Acevedo Kirk Toye Appearing in "Fringe" on FOX in 2008-2009
Allen Doug More The Firm is set to release 18 September 2009
Bailey Eion Webster Attached to an untitled Adam Goldberg film for 2009. Filming a CBS pilot for the 2009 season, Can Openers. Anatomy of Hope is completed for 2009 release on HBO. House Rules is in post-prod for CBS. Hosts and Executive Produces Imagine This!, with webisodes online; The Canyon will come out 23 October 2009
Bamber Jamie Foley Pulse 2 is complete for 2009. "Law & Order: London" in UK for 2009.
Barantini Philip Skinny Bali Brothers for 2009.
Broom Jonie Schmit
Last First Char Rumors/In Talks Pre-production Filming Post-production In Theaters, On Air
Calil George Alley In development with a project called Jayne. Signed on to the film Hotel Caledonia, TV's Wraiths of Roanoke (previously titled "Lost Colony"), Lycanthropy, and Bad Day are due for release.
Caplan Ben Smokey
Cockle Doug Maloney
Cudlitz Michael Bull Post-production for The Boy in the Box, also featuring Rick Gomez, and Danny Fricke. Surrogates for release 20 November 2009. Also, "Southland" on NBC in 2009.
d'Cruz Marcos Domingus
Devlin Tony Spina
Done Jason Drunk "Waterloo Road", ongoing.
Last First Char Rumors/In Talks Pre-production Filming Post-production In Theaters, On Air
Fallon Jimmy Rice Completed Whip It! for 2009. Appears nightly on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on NBC.
Fassbender Michael Christenson Rumored to be with The Sweeney (previously called The Sycamores) for 2010 release. Birdsong (2010) Jonah Hex for 6 August 2010 is filming in Louisianna Centurion (2009) Fish Tank 16 July 2009 and Inglorious Bastards 2009
Fenton Simon Lorraine
Fletcher Dexter Martin Baseline for 2009 "Hotel Babylon" ongoing
George Tom White
Godden Ezra van Klinken Can be seen in a new "online series" for ABC/Disney called Voicemail, "a voyeuristic peek into the life of a single guy, captured through the lens of real voicemail messages" in weekly short episodes.
Gomez Rick Luz Filming Leave in L.A. with Frank John Hughes Love Ranch in 2009 and The Boy in the Box, also featuring Michael Cudlitz
Graham Stephen Ranney Pre-prod for HBO in "Boardwalk Empire" London Boulevard is filming in London for 2010 Post for Season of the Witch in 2010 The Damned United and Doghouse should be released in 2009
Griffin Luke Harris
Grimes Scott Malarkey Robin Hood is filming in Bourne Woods, Farnham, Surrey, England, UK for 2010

Unrelated to the film industry, but definitely of interest to many BoB fans: Scott is recording a new album.
Continues to appear in episodes of the animated series American Dad.
Last First Char Rumors/In Talks Pre-production Filming Post-production In Theaters, On Air
Hanks Colin Jones Post for Barry Munday and High School
Hardy Tom Janovec Inception is filming in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, UK and Warrior is filming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, both for 2010 Bronson is on the festival circuit and will be in limited release October 2009
Heaney Craig Cobb Goal! 3 is expected in 2009
Hemmings Nolan Grant
Hickey Matt O'Keefe
Hills Peter Youngblood Shifty
Howard Andrew Hester Luster is in post for 2009 Blood River is on the festival circuit
Hoyle Nigel Boyle
Huberman Mark Hashey
Hughes Frank John Bill Filming Leave in L.A. with Rick Gomez Bunker Hill is in post for 2009, with Donnie Wahlberg The television pilot Company Man may come out in 2010
James Adam Petty Sleep with Me should be out in 2009
Jordan Marc Julian
Last First Char Rumors/In Talks Pre-production Filming Post-production In Theaters, On Air
Laing Robin Babe
Lawrence Mark Dukeman
Leitch Matthew Talbert Medusa is in development Red Tails is in post for 2009
Lewis Damian Winters Pre-production for Love and Virtue.
Light John Dobie
Livingston Ron Nixon Salesmen is in pre-production for 2010 "Defying Gravity" premieres 2 Aug 2009 on ABC; The Time Traveler's Wife opens 15 Aug 2009
Madio James Perconte The Grasslands filming for release later this year
Marshall Rocky McLung
Matthews Tim Penkala
May Joseph Shames Revolution is in post-production for television airing later this year
McAvoy James Miller The animated movie Gnomeo and Juliet is filming for 2011 release The Last Station is in post for later this year
McCabe Peter Hoobler
McCall Ross Liebgott Co-wrote the script for a feature film, Eboneezer Goodbye, which he is apparently shopping around Green Street Hooligans 2 is expected to release this year Appears in the cast of "Crash" on tv; Knuckle Draggers is on the festival circuit
McCole Stephen Heyliger Crying with Laughter is on the festival circuit
McDonough Neal Compton Appears in the regular cast of "Desperate Housewives"
McKee Phil Strayer
Montague Ben McDowell
Moreno Rene Ramirez
Last First Char Rumors/In Talks Pre-production Filming Post-production In Theaters, On Air
Nicolle David Peacock
O'Brien Kieran Vest
O'Mara Jason Meehan Attached to Resident Evil: Afterlife, which would reportedly will film in Toronto and be released 17 September 2010
O'Meara Peter Dike American General: Benedict Arnold is in post for PBS with an unknown air date; Green Street Hooligans 2 is expected to release this year; Leap Year is in post for 2010
Pegg Simon Evans Announced to write The World's End for 2010 Paul is filming in New Mexico for 2010 The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn is in post for 23 December 2011 Can be seen as Scotty in Star Trek XI and voices a character in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, both out this summer
Potts Andrew Lee Jackson Filming the mini-series "Alice" in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada for December 2009
Power Dave Dietrich
Last First Char Rumors/In Talks Pre-production Filming Post-production In Theaters, On Air
Roberts Luke Suerth
Robertson Iain Smith
Ross-Bryant Toby Jones (medic)
Ruspoli Bart Tipper
Sabga Alex Mellet
Schatzberger Simon Lesniewski
Schwimmer David Sobel
Scott Andrew Hall
Settle Matthew Speirs
Sims Adam Zielinski
Spain Douglas Garcia
Speight Richard Jr Skip
Last First Char Rumors/In Talks Pre-production Filming Post-production In Theaters, On Air
Taylor Shane Roe
Wahlberg Donnie Lipton
Walters Stephen McGrath
Warden Rick Welsh
Warren Marc Blithe
Young Jonathan Edwards Kelly

Hi-Ho Silver
Here are a few new projects where you may get a look at some of our guys . . .

Marc Warren has been announced with Mutual Friends for television in 2008.

Where's Dike?
Here are some projects in production, coming eventually to a screen near you . . .

Donnie Wahlberg is in post with his first screen-writing effort, Real Men Cry.

Matthew Settle is in Austin Texas filming Ex-Terminators for 2008.

Rick Warden will be seen in Good for 2008.

Shane Taylor is in Germany filming Bomber for 2009.

Bart Ruspoli is in London filming Mixed Up for 2009.

Marc Warren in post for Do Elephants Pray?, mini-series Burn Up, and Offside, with a release of 27 June 2008.

Douglas Spain is in post for American Cowslip and Hotel California in 2008.

Dave Power's project Shuttle should be released in 2008.

Stephen Walters is in Cheshire, England filming Splintered for 2008.

Iain Robertson is in post for Next Time Ned in 2008.

David Schwimmer is producing Fly Like Mercury for 2008. His voice will be featured in Madagascar 2 in 2008.

See you in the assembly area
Get your popcorn and soda, and settle in to watch these . . .

David Schwimmer will be seen in Nothing But the Truth starting 19 September 2008.

Matthew Settle appears in the regular cast of Gossip Girl on the CW.

Marc Warren appears in episodes of Hustle.

Luke Roberts appears in episodes of Holby City.

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