Welcome to Group of Guys!

This is Cathy, your friendly webmistress. I hope this site becomes a great resource for all of you to find plenty of information on your favorite guys in the cast of Band of Brothers. We currently have over 20,000 caps to browse!

What is Group of Guys?

I got the idea for this website when a dear friend of mine asked me if "Dreamcatchers" was worth renting even though she doesn't like horror movies. I told her my thoughts (which you can read on the Dreamcatchers page!) and decided that there should be a site on the 'net where curious Band of Brothers fans could go and see movie reviews and movie caps for their favorite guys.

Right around the same time that I was thinking about putting this together, my friend, Anne, posted in her blog: Oh, my dad, who often calls things by the wrong name if he can't remember the real name (he calls Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon "Leaping Lizards"), is calling it "Group of Guys." WE FEW, WE LUCKY FEW, WE GROUP OF GUYS. So many thanks to Anne's dad, John, for the title. Thus, Group of Guys was born!

It's been a long, crazy road since I first got the idea in July 2006, and after hours of painstakingly watching movies and making caps, we're finally ready to launch. There's still a ways to go, and I should be posting updates at least every-other week. If your favorite guy isn't up yet, have patience! He will be soon. Feel free to join the GroupofGuys livejournal community, which will post site updates right on your friends list. We also use lj for our guestbook, but you don't need an account to leave comments.


The sidebar on the right is on every page. Click Home to come back here. The Guys is the list of all 75 actors featured here from the Band of Brothers miniseries, with links to their actor pages where you'll find stats, caps, and movie reviews. The Movies is another way to find the cap and review pages - all 1500+ film and television projects our boys have been in will be listed. Calendar has all of the up-coming birthdays and release dates for the next two months. Lew-lew's Corner has production information for new projects featuring our guys. Paratrooper Dan Summers has articles about WWII and paratrooping. About Us showcases the many people who've pitched in around here, and also has information for getting involved with the site. Crediting Policy has linking information, as well as buttons and banners. Links are, obviously, other sites of interest to anyone who has enjoyed the Band of Brothers miniseries.

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2 August 2009: actor page group 3 has been updated and uploaded, and there are new caps for Adam James, Peter McCabe, and Matt Hickey. Check out the updates page for details.

26 July 2009: actor page group 2 has been updated and uploaded.

19 July 2009: I've split the guys into 4 groups and the first group has updated actor pages and work on Lew-lew's page - the other 3 groups will go up in their turn in the coming weeks. I've also added new Ron Livingston caps.

12 July 2009: the errors have been corrected and we have new Eion and Robin caps.

14 June 2009: the site relocation is complete and we are checking for errors. We hope to have new caps up before the end of the month.

1 January 2009: Our old host crashed and we are in the process of relocating - we appreciate your patience as all the thousands of caps are transfered.

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