TitleWhen Evil Calls (with Lucy Barker)
Episode(s)20 episodes (mini-series, made-for-mobile)
Genre, Networkhorror
RoleMr. Dale

Cathy: This "movie" was originally a series of short vignettes aired exclusively as mobile phone downloads. Thus, the continuity is contrived and the characters are really superficial. Rick Warden plays an English teacher (his real-life wife, Lucy Baker is the chemistry teacher) at a high school where texted wishes bring bad ju-ju to the unfortunate unpopulars in the class. The violence is gratuitous and some of it just doesn't make sense. The only thing resembling a highlight is Rick Warden's bare bum in a sequence where a boy wishes to see the girls' basketball team naked and has to see all of his teachers naked as well. Don't pay to see it, unless you need something as background-noise for your Halloween party and all the good movies are already rented out.

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