TitleUntil the Night
Time87 minutes

Cathy: I don't have much interest in Norman Reedus, who plays the male lead, so I was pretty bored by this movie. It's typical indie fare - two self-destructive couples make each other miserable, then they drag some other people into it. Matthew Settle has a very small part as a photographer. He has an accent that at first I thought was trying to be Australian but in his second (of three) scenes I decided it was actually South African, but the character has no backstory, we never learn where he's from or why he's here, so I don't know why the accent was necessary at all, other than to make Matthew's gorgeous mouth move a little differently than normal. Matthew also appears in a short deleted scene (an extension of his first scene) and a few of the images in the stills gallery. Unless you enjoy Norman Reedus, or watching self-destructive couples, I would say wait and see if anyone posts Matthew's few brief scenes on YouTube and spend your time on something else.

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