TitleI Said So Little
Time90 minutes
RolePostman, supporting

Anne M.: This is a strange and exasperating movie, though it's beautifully filmed. It's glacially paced, and so little is said (ha ha) about what's actually happening in the plot that I had to guess, watch the movie twice, and read the background information, such as the summary written by the director.

The main themes of the movie are grief, culture shock, isolation, and self-discovery. The main character speaks no Italian, and the villagers in the place she's moved to speak no English. One of the few people she has regular contact with is the postman (Bart), who is puzzled by her; they engage in an awkward sort of flirtation that's made difficult by the major language barrier. Said flirtation culminates in... well, I can't say more without pretty much giving away the rest of the movie, although you can kind of guess from the caps.

This movie, being an obscure Italian film, is not available in the U.S. with Blockbuster or Netflix; it is available for purchase through Amazon in both PAL and NTSC formats, but unless you're a big fan of Bart like myself, I don't see why you'd buy it. Heh. Once I understood what was happening, it's sort of grown on me, and it's nice to be able to listen to Bart speaking Italian, even if there isn't much of it.

Movie's official summary: "Rachel Miller (Jane Eden), a successful children's illustrator, moves to rural Italy immediately after the sudden death of her husband. She knows little of the language and less of the culture. We observe Rachel as she begins her reluctant recovery, unaided by her self imposed isolation."

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