Title Bramwell: Our Brave Boys
Date(s)15 June 1998
Episode(s)n/a (made-for-tv movie)
Genre, Networkdrama
RoleTom Watkins, supporting

Cathy: This was an episode in season four of the Bramwell series, but it's not necessary to see any prior episodes to follow along. Iain plays a fifteen-year-old boy working in Dr. Bramwell's clinic while the British are at war in Africa. He envies the older soldier-boys and gets into trouble while trying to impress them. The episode was pretty interesting, so much that I rented episode two as well, though that wasn't as satisfying to watch as this. If you like period-drama, British history, or Iain's adorable face, I would recommend giving this a go. Iain is not in any other episodes of the series.

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