TitleNine Lives
Time85 minutes
RolePete, co-lead

WARNING: This is a thriller and characters die - there are caps of injured and dead people. Don't look at the caps if you don't want to get spoiled.

Cathy: This movie wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It's a thriller where nine friends get together in a Scottish manor to celebrate the 21st birthday of one. The manor is haunted, they are stuck in a blizzard in a remote part of Scotland, the phones go out, the power gets cut, and there's even a "Velma moment" where someone loses their glasses. One by one, the friends get possessed from the ghost of a tortured resident of the house, and start killing off the other party guests. David Nicolle plays a Scotsman, the poor friend in the group. He has a great deal of screen time and, as his filmography is small, I would recommend it for anyone wanting to see more of him. The rest of the cast is decent, except for Paris Hilton as the stereotypical American idiot - her "acting" is very deliberate and self-absorbed. The writing isn't terrible, though there are a few plot holes. As far as the genre goes, you could do better, but you could also do much worse.

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