TitleVirtual Sexuality
Time92 minutes

Cathy: I thought this would be a stupid teen comedy, but I found myself enjoying it somehow. The two central male actors, Rupert Penry-Jones (Jake) and Luke de Lacey (Chas) turned out to be very likable. The movie is about a girl, Justine, who designs her ideal man, Jake, at a virtual reality convention, and when the electricity goes hay-wire he comes to life. Chas, a geeky social outcast, helps this new man adjust to the world and his instant popularity. Kieran O'Brien plays the class stud and the object of Justine's crush before Jake comes on the scene. His role, and especially his hair-style, are pretty funny. There are a few locker room scenes where you'll get an eye-full of Kieran, as well as a quick, blurry glimpse of a tushy belonging to Peter McCabe, who plays one of Kieran's jock friends. Peter is mostly scenery, except for a brief "interview" sequence where a handful of guys make statements against a colored screen. I don't think I would recommend it, though, unless you really like Kieran or Rupert, or unless you're really bored and want to watch a silly movie.

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