Date(s)2005, 2007
Episode(s)10 episodes
Genre, Networkdrama (HBO)
Caps119 Rick, 12 Bart, 54 Rocky

Cathy: (This review refers to Season 1) This is an excellent HBO series and I highly recommend it, especially if you have any interest in ancient Rome. Season 1 centers around the Caesar's rise and fall, the important people in his life, and two soldiers in his army. Bart Ruspoli has a minor part in two early episodes as a member of Antony's staff, and Rick Warden appears in later episodes as the son of senate leader Pompey (he also appears in Season 2, Episode 1).
(Season 2) Rocky Marshall has a small role in episodes 2-8 of Season 2. He plays an employee of a rival gang leader to Vorenius' crew. Season 2 picks up after Caesar's death, as Octavian and Antony vie for control of Rome. I found Season 2 even more lavish and interesting than Season 1, and I was sad to know that they aren't continuing with a third season.

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