TitleHart's War
Time125 minutes
RolePvt. Donald W. West, minor

Cathy: This was actually a lot better than I expected it to be. I only rented it to make caps for Tony Devlin (though Rocky Marshall popped up in a small part, too) but it was pretty good. At first I didn't think I'd buy Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell in a WWII drama, but they both did good jobs. It's about Americans in a German POW camp in 1945. Two African-American pilots end up there and a racial problem develops. Terrence Howard plays one of the pilots and he does an excellent job, I think he's a great actor. Neither Rocky or Tony have much screen time though, so it's not worth watching just for them unless you're a big fan of either. But I think I would recommend the movie as a whole.

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