TitleGoal! The Dream Begins
Time118 minutes

Cathy: I was pretty surprised that I wasn't bored with this. I'm not really into sports, and I'd never heard of the lead actor before, though I like Alessandro Nivola, who plays a supporting role. A Mexican immigrant gets noticed by a soccer scout in LA. He goes to Newcastle to try out for the pro team there, which is currently in a losing slump. Amid the usual adversity, can he make it on the roster for the big game? Craig Heaney plays a local pub fan, Stephen Graham plays a friend of the team's star player, and Kieran O'Brien plays a competitive and unfriendly team member. None of the BoB guys really have enough screentime to make it worth the rental alone, but if you're looking for a feel-good film or enjoy soccer/football, you could probably do much worse.

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