TitleDaniel Deronda
Date(s)24 November 2002
Episode(s)n/a (made-for-tv movie)
Genre, Networkdrama (BBC)

Cathy: This was a Masterpiece Theater miniseries of a book by George Eliot. Jamie Bamber plays the friend of the title character, and Simon Schatzberger plays a shopkeeper the title character encounters when he's trying to locate the family of a lost young woman he meets. The story alternates between another main character, a young country woman who's flirting her way through the town looking for a husband. She and Daniel meet and their stories intertwine. I found it very interesting, as I like Victoria-type British dramas, and it also touches on the Jewish experience of the time, which I've never seen dealt with before. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys British period dramas or who has an interest in Jewish culture or history.

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