TitleThe Lost Battalion
Episode(s)n/a (made-for-tv movie)
Genre, Networkdrama (A&E)

Cathy: This is a tv movie about a battalion in WWI who was cut off from the rest of their regiment and suffered heavy losses to maintain their ground as initially ordered while the other battalions fell back. Rick Schroeder plays the lead, and four BoB boys are in the cast: Phil McKee (Strayer) has the largest supporting role, Adam James (Petty) has a decently-sized role in the second half of the film, George Calil (Alley) has a small featured part, and Tim Matthews (Penkala) is basically an extra in one or two scenes. The production makes a good effort, though it can't compare to the quality and excellence of Band of Brothers. It seemed a little rushed to tell the story in under two hours, but the cast did a good job. If you like war movies, this might be worth a look.

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