Time123 minutes

Cathy: This is set in London in 1978. Matthew Leitch plays the main character, a lower-middle class guy with a bad family situation and no foreseeable future. His mother works as a waitress at an exclusive restaurant and tells him about all these lords and ladies she sees every day. He tries to meet one, a Lady Gryffoyn, to get a job. His family life gets worse and he runs away to Paris, and on a whim, to get a job, he says he's the son of the Lady Gryffoyn and this propels him into the world of the upper class. At a posh party he meets Benjamin, an American boy toy, played by Peter Youngblood Hills, and they become friends. IF YOU LIKE PETER YOU REALLY SHOULD SEE THIS, he is about 180* from Shifty and highly entertaining. Peter was great. The two of them are so charming together. They also share a love scene (in one part, there's a pleasant shot of Matthew's naked behind, head to toe, and then he turns around !_!). The movie was very good, eye candy aside.

The dvd includes another version of the movie, something they call "triptych" where the screen is split into three for the duration. I tried watching it and it wasn't for me - it makes it obvious that you're watching a movie and keeps you separate as the audience, making it harder to get involved with the characters and lose yourself in the story. There's also a director commentary track for that version.

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