TitleThe Acid House
Time111 minutes (total)
Genredrama (three shorts)
RoleBoab, star (short #1: The Granton Star Case)

Cathy: This is a collection of three short stories by the man who wrote "Trainspotting". In the first story, Boab (aka Bob), played by Stephen McCole, is having a really bad day. His mates, his parents, and his girlfriend all turn on him. He gets arrested. He gets beat up. He gets sacked. He goes to a pub to drink and wallow, and he meets a guy who claims to be God. God says he's going to punish Boab for letting his life get so screwed up. But Bob turns the punishment to his advantage. A very interesting story. The second one features Kevin McKidd (from HBO's "Rome") as a cuckolded newlywed, and he gives a pretty powerful performance. The third story is the actual "Acid House", where a raver football fan has a really bad acid trip. I liked the first two stories, but the third I found rather creepy. If you consider renting this, though, you should be warned that the Scots are renowned for their potty mouths, and the cussing is thick as pea soup. Also, the movie has non-optional English subtitles, because of the heavy accents and abundant slang. Some subtitles appear on the caps.

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