Title "Chef!"
Date(s)1994 (Season 2, Episodes 1-6)
Genre, Networkcomedy (BBC)
RoleCrispin, supporting

Cathy: The IMDB mistakenly says Tim Matthews is only in two episodes (2-6 and 3-5). Tim appears as a regular in Season Two and is not in Seasons One or Three. I didn't like Season One at all. The "chef" spends all his time yelling and I didn't really see a point to it. Character development appears more in Seasons Two and Three, so they were more interesting to me. Tim has a pretty small part as one of the kitchen staff. His biggest episode is 2-6, "Private Lives", where you get to see more of his character's backstory. Tim is very easy on the eyes, and if you're a fan of his, I would say renting just Season Two. Otherwise, unless you work in a high-brow kitchen or especially like one of the other featured actors, I don't think you'll get much out of this.

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