TitleSex and the City
Date(s)2002-2003 (Season 5, Episodes 5, 8; Season 6, Episodes 1-6)
Episode(s)8 episodes:
Plus One Is the Loneliest Number (18 August 2002)
I Love a Charade (8 September 2002)
To Market, to Market (22 June 2003)
Great Sexpectations (29 June 2003)
The Perfect Present (6 July 2003)
Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little (13 July 2003)
Lights, Camera, Relationship (20 July 2003)
Hop, Skip and a Week (27 July 2003)
Genre, Networkcomedy (HBO)
RoleJack Berger, guest star

Cathy: Sex and the City is still a very popular show. My sister and I recently rented the whole series and watched every episode over the course of a few months (I don't have cable and never saw more than a couple of full episodes). Ron Livingston as Jack Berger (Seasons 5 & 6) was the absolute highlight of the series for me. After Jack, my favorite character was Steve Brady, lol, which shows how much I identified with the four female leads. I actually couldn't stand the character of Carrie Bradshaw, everything she did frustrated me. My sister and I spent every episode complaining about her. But the other women are pretty realistic, funny, and likable. It's an entertaining show as a whole, but if you like Ron even a little, his episodes, at least, are a must-see.

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