TitleDinner for Five
Date(s)29 April 2002 (Season 1, Episode 4) & 9 April 2004 (Season 3, Episode 1)
Episode(s)2 (#1.4, #3.1)
Genre, Networktalk-show (IFC)
Rolehimself, guest star

Cathy: I never heard about this show until I started researching for GoG - Ron Livingston was a guest twice on this IFC show, hosted by Jon Favreau. Ron is in episode 1.4, and 3.1 which isn't out on DVD yet. The other guests in 1.4 were Sarah Silverman, Kevin Pollack and Rod Steiger (in his last television appearance before his death in 2002). They all got together at a restaurant and chatted over dinner. Ron was probably the least chatty, he seemed a bit awkward or uncomfortable to me, but he looked tasty. Some things I learned: Ron met Jon Favreau when they were dressed as Cap'n Crunch at a Chicago boat show! Ron's first movie gig was grabbing Dolly Parton's ass in "Straight Talk" - he has top billing because it's in order of appearance and you see the top of his head before you see Dolly Parton. He had two lines but they got cut from the final version. He tried to hit on Dolly Parton. Ron says Tom Hanks has a dark side, that he's on the edge and ready to snap. Ron predicted a string of villain roles for Tom, lol. I would say not to bother renting this, unless you are really, really jonsing for a Ron fix, or unless you're especially interested in one of the other guests. I think there were six episodes all together on the dvd, so you might find some others you'd want to see to make it worth your while.

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