TitleBody Shots
Time106 minutes
RoleTrent, supporting

Cathy: I wasn't planning to rent this any time soon until I came across Ron's big scene, where he gets handcuffed and spanked, on YouTube. If you're a fan of Ron's, I think his part is a must-see, since it's such a huge departure for him. Unfortunately, you can fast-foward through the rest of the movie. Ron plays Trent, one of four guys out on the town. His character is the butt of everyone else's jokes, but he made me laugh out loud. He affects a Chicago accent and wears golf clothes for much of the movie. The rest of the characters are boring and cliched. The second half of the film, where the evening goes sour for one couple and results in allegations of rape, feels unrelated to the beginning of the movie. Perhaps the director did that on purpose, but it contributed to my lack of interest.

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