Time93 minutes
Genredrama, biopic
RoleAllen Ginsberg, supporting

Cathy:This movie is about William S. Burroughs (Kiefer Sutherland), "beat" writer, and his wife, Joan (Courtney Love). Ron Livingston plays Allen Ginsberg, and he is ADORKABLE. His portrayal is very sweet, a little shy. I was hesitant to rent this because I don't like Courtney Love, but she wasn't that bad. There's a brief scene where Kiefer kisses another guy, if you like that sort of thing ;) but Kiefer's not actually in a lot of minutes. The movie itself was rather odd, mostly a character study. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it or not unless you dig Ron or Kiefer. I made the mistake of watching the director commentary - so boring. I was hoping he'd talk about the actors and give some anecdotes about filming but most of it was about the facts the film is based on, which could be interesting except that the director is just a boring person, his voice is boring, his jokes are boring, his narration is boring, and he doesn't even refer to the actors as their names, just their characters. He says one nice thing about Kiefer and another about Ron, but it's almost in passing, like they're just puppets in his vision. The impression I got from his commentary was that it was a tedious filming experience for those actors. But Ron was adorkable and he sort of does a "voice", just a little different from his normal way of speech, but I can't really describe it. Maybe catch it if it's on cable or if you can find a rental for $.99 but, unless you really like Ron, I don't think it's worth more than $1, lol.

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