TitleLa terza madre (The Third Mother, aka Mother of Tears)
RoleMichael Pierce, minor supporting?

Cathy: I'm not much for horror movies and I should have known better than to watch this - I don't mind graphic violence a la Tarantino, but this was downright gratuitous to the point that I can't even explain one offensive scene where a woman is violated and mutilated by a monster. Because of that scene alone I would say don't touch this with a ten-foot pole. The witches are depicted in the goth stereotype with no real motivation other than they follow this dark witch leader, the Mother of Tears (this is aparently the third installment of a trilogy). A good witch is trying to route their plans, and Adam James plays her lover and boss at a museum where artifacts are discovered which set the whole plot in motion. The story could have had merit, but it was quickly obscured by the disgust and offence I felt during a few key scenes.

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