TitleMr. Vincent
Time90 minutes
RoleJohnny Vincent, star

Cathy: This was a small independent movie shot in black and white, I think it was at Sundance, from 1997. Frank John Hughes plays Mr. Vincent (he has a mustache! and an earring!), an english teacher (he does a lecture on Gatsby, lol) at his old high school, but he wants to write songs for a living (he plays guitar and sings!). In the beginning of the movie, his wife leaves him. He goes out for beer with a few buddies at Red Robin (what? lol) and sees a waitress he knew in high school. He admits he always had a crush on her and they start dating. He starts getting obsessive. It was okay, kind of a typical independent movie (is that an oxymoron? lol). I think I'd only recommend it if either you really want to see something with Frank (who doesn't have many lead roles) or if you're a freak for independent movies.

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