Title"The Sopranos"
Date(s)May-June 2007 (Season 6, Episodes 17-21)
Episode(s)5 episodes (Walk Like a Man, Kennedy and Heidi,
The Second Coming, The Blue Comet, Made in America)
Genre, Networkcrime drama (HBO)
RoleWalden Belfiore

Cathy: Ever since I was a kid, I've been fascinated with the mafia genre, so this HBO series is right up my alley. I think everybody has heard about it, so I won't go into the parts that don't relate to Frank John Hughes, who appears in the last 5 episodes of the series. I was expecting him to have an interesting, maybe even pivotal, role to play in the final season, but I was disappointed. Frank plays a minor character in Tony Soprano's crew. He just appears with no introduction, as if he was always there somewhere in the background. He doesn't have many lines, or even a story arc, and the only thing we learn about his character personally is that he's named after Bobby Darin. So it's really not worth renting just for Frank. But I enjoy the series as a whole and would recommend it to anyone who can stomach the violence.

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