Title"The Twilight Zone"
Date(s)18 October 1985 (Season 1, Episode 4)
Episode(s)1 episode (Little Boy Lost/Wish Bank/Nightcrawlers)
Genre, Networkthriller (CBS)
RoleKenny (segment "Little Boy Lost"), co-star

Cathy: This was an episode for the Twilight Zone series. It was incredibly 80s and dated, and possibly the content was dated too because it really offended me. It's about a woman who has to decide between her career as a photographer and the posibility of motherhood and marriage with her boyfriend. Scott Grimes plays a young boy she meets and befriends during a photoshoot. I found it to be heavily sexist and manipulatory, and it made me mad, but I can't explain why without ruining the Twilight Zone twist. I would say definitely skip this, unless you're a rabid fan of Scott's, who luckily was too young at the time to know better than to appear in this.

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