TitleThrowing Stars (aka Who's Your Monkey?)
Time86 minutes
RoleDr. Mark Van Houten, star

Anne: We all know the saying "Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies" or similar. The movie is essentially built around proving that premise. The three friends, despite the issues each is grappling with in his personal life, come together to aid their friend Mark when he kills a loathsome drug dealer/animal pornographer in self-defense (Mark had turned to making meth when he was no longer able to practice medicine). Nothing in the plot is hugely surprising; the main draw is the humorous interaction between the quartet with a big task at hand.

I set my expectations really low for this movie, since I figured that even an indie lacking in publicity this badly would have to be a stinker. The last-minute name-change (which is ridiculous) and the release to DVD rather than theaters seemed to back up that assumption, and once the movie arrived I was actually dreading watching it. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, you have to understand, I have a big crush on Scott Grimes, and as far as that goes, the movie delivered.

I would see this. It's available at,, and Netflix. I actually liked these characters and didn't find the movie gross or obnoxious, which surprised me given the premise and the way these sorts of plots tend to carry out. I was impressed with how easily the actors conveyed the impression of truly inhabiting their roles: they did indeed seem like longtime friends.

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