TitleMystery, Alaska
Time119 minutes
Genresports dramedy
RoleBrian 'Birdie' Burns, supporting

Cathy: This is about a small, local hockey team in Mystery, Alaska. A story is published about them in a sports magazine, and a promoter brings the LA Rangers up for a competition. The publicity and pressure almost tear the town apart - can the boys who play for the simple love of the game beat these jaded professionals? Scott Grimes plays a team member and son of the town judge. He has a significant supporting role (not to mention significant biceps, lol), and I think it's a must-see for any of his fans. I originally watched it for Russell Crowe and found it enjoyable, so you don't have to know anything about hockey to like this movie, but having a crush on Russell, Scott, or Ron Eldard certainly helps.

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