Date(s)28 December 2003
Episode(s)n/a (made-for-tv movie)
Genre, Networkdrama (ABC)
RoleTehan, Red Headed Stranger

May: Dreamkeeper is the story of a Native American teenage boy, who is struggling to become something in the modern age, and his grandfather, who is struggling to keep the old traditions of their people alive. Nathan must take his grandfather to the All Nation's celebration in Albuquerque where he will pass on the stories of his people, which he hopes Nathan will learn to understand the importance of story telling.

Throughout the movie, Nathan's grandfather shares some of the traditional stories of the Lakota people, comparing the stories to people they meet on their trip.

Scott Grimes' character reminds Nathan's grandfather of the story of the Red Headed Indian.

Since my interest in the Native American culture played a role in my purchasing of this movie, I thought it was great. The stories are interesting and for an independent film, it was well done. Scott Grimes has a short part in it, playing the role of the Red Headed Indian and a rather comedic role when in his modern day character. If you like Native American culture, this is a great film. If you just need a Grimes fix, this will do it, too. You get to see him with war paint and long, red hair. ;)

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