TitleThe Raggedy Rawney (with his two brothers)
Time103 minutes
RoleTom, star

Cathy: This was a very interesting story about a WWII deserter who disguises himself as a woman and plays deaf and speachless to hide in a band of gypsies. The gypsies think he's a "rawney", a crazy magic woman, and let him travel with them until misfortunes begin to happen. Meanwhile, he falls in love with one of the young women, who knows he's really a deserter. At the end, his strength is tested again - can he stand up for his new family now that he's grown a little? Dexter's two brothers have small parts in the gypsy family (they are in the final cap on the page), and the supporting cast is good. I would say it's worth a look if you like Dexter or are interested in atypical WWII stories.

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