Title "Hex"
Date(s)2004-2005 (Season 1, Episodes 1-5;
Season 2, Episodes 1-7)
Episode(s)10 episodes
Genre, Networkhorror dramedy (Sky)
RoleAzazeal, supporting

Cathy: (This review is for Season One) I found this series really interesting and entertaining. I've heard some people try to describe this as a "British Buffy" but I don't see that the comparison is valid. Yes, there are witches and demons. Yes, the writing is witty and modern. But Hex has its own mythology and its own merits. Michael Fassbender plays a fallen angel determined to sire the messiah of the demon world. He chooses a girl in a private boarding school to seduce, but she's no ordinary girl. Can she and her friends resist him and keep his prophecy at bay? The main characters are all very good, as are most of the supporting ones, and I quickly was drawn into the story and couldn't wait to see what happened next. I think it's worth a look whether you liked Buffy or not, especially if you like Fassy or have any interest in the fantasy genre or the occult.

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