TitleLondon Voodoo
RoleLincoln Mathers, star?

Cathy: This was one big WTF. I could have done without the acting, the writing, the whole plot. An American couple relocate to London because of the husband's job. Moving into their new house, the contractors uncover a dual grave surrounded with voodoo charms in the basement - the spirits enter the body of the wife and she starts acting oddly. A pair of friendly neighbors are familar with voodoo and recognize the signs of possession. They try to convince the husband to participate in a ritual with them to banish the spirits, but he thinks it's all rubbish. Add to the mix a nanny copied from "The Hand that Rocks the Craddle" and the whole thing has been done before, and probably better. I especially disliked the actress who played the wife - a hammy and self-aware performance. Do not bother with this, unless you want a stupid thriller to watch at a party.

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