Title "A Touch of Frost"
Date(s)25 December 1999 (Season 7, Episode 1) and
1 January 2000 (Season 7, Episode 2)
Episode(s)2 episodes (Line of Fire: Part 1, Line of Fire: Part 2)
Genre, Networkcrime drama
RoleSam Goodwin

Cathy: This is pretty typical detective story fare - a bunch of seemingly-unrelated crimes wind together to form one big case which the detective solves in the last fifteen minutes. This isn't bad, but could have been more interesting. Ben Caplan plays a young man who plays the unfortunate side kick to a jerky trouble maker. Most of his character's action happens in part two of this episode. If you're a fan of Ben's, I guess this is worth checking out, if only because he doesn't have a very large filmography yet.

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