TitleThe Escapist
Time88 minutes
RoleJoey, supporting

Cathy: This movie was okay. It's about Jonny Lee Miller who's wife is killed and he fakes his own death and goes to prison so he can get revenge with her murderer. The murderer is played by Andy Serkis, and Philip Barantini plays his accomplice/son. He's in three scenes: chapters 2, 16, and 19. Obviously there's a big gap there. I spent the whole middle hour of the movie scowling and hoping for more Barantini, so I squealed when he popped up again. I think Rikke mentioned seeing this on tv once and my thought was "what?? Skinny can't be bad!!" But bad Philip is just as tasty as good Philip. As for recommending it, it was okay, I wouldn't say rush out and rent it unless you need a Barantini fix, but if you're bored some night and don't know what to get, you could check it out.

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