TitleThe Boys and Girl from County Clare
Time90 minutes
Genremusical comedy
RoleAlex, supporting

Cathy: This is about two Irish brothers and their rival celli bands in ~1966. One of the brothers moved to England to "better" himself and the other stayed on the family farm, so there's a fierce rivalry. The English group is from Liverpool and Philip Barantini plays one of their fiddlers XD He's sort of the sidekick to the love-sick youth and he's downright adorable, as usual. He wears a sweater vest! He has sideburns! He has a crazy, thick accent! Barantini is originally from Liverpool, but I'm not sure if that's his natural accent or if he exaggerated it. Regardless, he has maybe two-dozen lines and they're pretty funny (when you can understand what he's saying, lol, but that gives you an excuse to rewind and watch his bits again!). The movie itself was pretty formulaic, so I wouldn't recommend it across the board unless you like Irish music (Andrea Coor plays the Irish fiddler and love interest for the love-sick guy) or unless Barantini makes your heart flutter.

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