Title"Significant Others"
Date(s)11 March 1998; 18 March 1998; 25 March 1998
Episode(s)6 episodes, three unaired
Genre, Networkdrama (FOX)
RoleCambell Chasen, regular cast

Cathy: This is a tv show from 1998 starring Eion Bailey and Jennifer Garner. They play two-thirds of a trio of childhood friends trying to make lives for themselves after college. Only six episodes were filmed, and it was painful for me to get though that many. Literally, about three minutes into the first episode, I was wincing. The writing is mediocre, the situations are unrealistic, and the acting is over-done. I say stay away from this. If you're a rabid Eion fangirl who simply has to see it, consider yourself warned.

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