TitleAnd Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
Date(s)7 September 2003
Episode(s)n/a (made-for-tv movie)
Genre, Networkbiography (HBO)
RoleFrank Thayer, co-star

Cathy: This was pretty interesting. Antonio Banderas plays Pancho Villa, Mexican revolutionary. He invites a film crew to record parts of his revolution, to gain support for their cause. Eion Bailey plays the man in charge of this small crew. He was from Harvard again! lol. I think he must be in a database somewhere, so when casting directors look for someone to play a Harvard student/graduate he is the first alphabetically to pop up, lol. He has this scene swimming in a pond or something, which I found oddly hot. Eion is pretty, but doesn't do anything for me, except I guess when he's in a pond, lol. Um, anyway, like I said, this was interesting. I would recommend putting this in your netflix queue for a rainy day.

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