Time93 minutes
RoleJay, supporting

Cathy: Hmm, no. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Do not rent this movie. In one of my creative writing classes, my teacher gave us a short list of things never to do in a story, and this movie broke one of those rules. It manipulates the audience and makes the whole experience pointless and frustrating and I want my 80 minutes back. Do not rent this movie. I don't see that it has any redeaming qualities, unless maybe one of your relatives was involved with production and you have to see it just to tell them that you saw it, or you want to talk a friend out of "urban exploring". Nicholas Aaron has a supporting role as the brother of a woman whose husband participates in the extreme sport of "urban exploring". The three of them go to Moscow to find a mythic old subway, which they locate, but they get lost and things go horribly wrong. Peppered in with that action is a back-story plot about the couple losing their young daughter, and the father is having guilty hallucinations, which mixed with the back-story make it difficult to tell what end is up, but like I said - by the end it's all pointless. There's really no character development, and not much plot or dialog for the actors to work with. I don't understand how a project like this gets funded while so many better stories go unfilmed or undistributed.

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