by Rikke Nielsen

March 2007

A hearty welcome to my (and Dan Summers') little corner of Group of Guys.

I've spent many a day wondering about what words I should write here. If I should be earnest, not a whole lot came to my mind but then - as always - I somehow found myself inspired by Band of Brothers. "We're paratroopers, private. We're supposed to be surrounded" was said by Lt. Winters when he replied to a nervouse private's question on D-day. Somehow I found myself calmed by this little comment; writing - even about one's favorite subject - isn't supposed to be easy. Not that I find my task in any way as daunting and dangerous as the airborne's task on the day of days, even if historians are known to be fierce.

History is what will be displayed on these pages - a history student's own attempt to dig further in the airborne infantry's history and give it to you, who visit these pages. All the facts of battles and evolution with this branch of the military connects to Band of Brothers and I dare say that many of us have been even more interested in the subject after viewing the series.

Yet, it won't all be serious and I dare you readers to request an article about a particular subject on the history of the airborne infantry and paratrooping in general. Whatever is on your mind. There might also appear articles about the (in)famous boot camp that the actors went throught before going onto the endeavour that was making the Band of Brothers miniseries.

Next time on Dan Summer's corner, you will find a mini (fictional) biography for the mysterious Dan Summers and the start of our search on the origins of the airborne infantry as we knew it under WW2.

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