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"Officers" (site staff)
Cathy is the site creator and webmistress. She has seen the Band of Brothers miniseries countless times and read a few of the books on Easy Company. She put off renting the series for a long time, thinking that ten hours of WWII would be too much, but her time commitment has obviously gone far beyond. Her favorite actors in the series are Donnie Wahlberg, Ron Livingston, and Philip Barantini, though she has grown fond of each and every one through her work on the site. She earned a BA in English Literature at the University of Washington in Seattle, class of 1999. She currently lives just south of Denver, Colorado. You can reach Cathy by email at groupofguys at gmail dot com.
Site benefactor Aja doesn't really have anything to do with the BoB fandom because she is too busy watching anime, but she wasn't too busy to help out when our old host crashed. She sings and writes in Virginia when she can peal herself away from her Prince of Tennis dvds.
Shannon is the site designer. She was drawn to the Band of Brothers series through her love of war films and military history and was instantly hooked. Her favorite actors in the series are Matthew Settle and Dexter Fletcher, though she has a great deal of affection for all the boys. Shannon is studying history and modern languages at the University of Ottawa, Canada, specializing in 20th century Europe. She hopes to someday pursue an at-this-point-undetermined career that will fulfill her passions for history and linguistics.
Rikke writes the monthly column for Paratrooper Dan Summers. She had read the book about Easy Company a year or so before finally getting to see the mini series when it aired for the first time in Denmark. Safe to say, she was instantly captured by this great portrayal of Easy Company. Dexter Fletcher seems to have captured her the most - at least for the time being - but she doesn't forget the other boys at all. You are most likely to find her behind her computer - making icons, gaming, listening to Mew or simply chatting with a great bunch of girls. She is currently on leave from her university, where she is studying her favorite subject - history.

"NCOs" (cap donators)
Elisabeth came to watch Band of Brothers through a recommendation by her mother, “because David Schwimmer was in it”. Because of her love for all things history, she immediately fell in love with the series and it’s characters. While she likes all actors of the series, Peter Youngblood Hills and Damian Lewis take up a special place in her heart. Elisabeth is currently studying Law at a community college in Hasselt, Belgium. She hopes one day to be employed as a clerk of a Belgian court or some other judicial institution.
Annika came to Band of Brothers more or less by accident, after having seen references to the mini-series on a number of websites. The first episode hooked her immediatly, making her watch the whole series in just a week. The rest, as they say, is history. Literally. Her fondness of actors Scott Grimes, Michael Cudlitz and Neal McDonough knows no bounds, as is proven by the Scott Grimes CD next to her stereo. When she is not taking care of the many adopted cats that roam her neighborhood, or reading up on Easy Company, Annika is making her way through higher education to become a translator one day.

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"PFCs" (frequent reviewers)
  • Cathy - Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Anne M. - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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